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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 25, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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the debt crisis followed by the republican response from john boehner. stay tuned. o'reilly is next. then that then hannity then two hours of greta. i will see you tomorrow. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> neither party is blameless. both parties have a responsibility to come together and solve the problem and make sure that the american people aren't hurt. >> bill: does president obama really want to solve the nation's economic problems? some people are now saying no, he does not. we'll present the evidence. [sirens] the left-wing media branding the norwegian mass killer a christian fundamentalist. is that true? we have evidence that says it is not true. >> let me break the news to you, my children are not in a public position. the mayor is. >> bill: rahm emanuel the new mayor of chicago scold ago
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reporter. bernie goldberg will tell us whether this was appropriate or an outrage. >> i have so many more questions. >> i look forward to our future interval. >> caution, you are about to enter the nops. the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the president set to speak in about an hour to the nation. and although he may not know it, the debt crisis is the biggest crisis of president obama's professional life. the country is looking for leadership. looking to have its economic future secured. but at this point president obama is not delivering. new rasmussen poll out today says 23%, just 23% of american voters strongly approve of the president's job performance. 44% strongly disapprove.
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that is a disaster. americans are finally realizing that under president obama the nation's racking up debt to the tune of more than $4 billion every day. far more than presidents clinton and bush. also, the president's budget proposal last may contained few spending cuts and was rejected by the senate 97 to 0. both parties refute united stated president obama's budget vision. add to that the economy. unemployment up, worker security down, despite a trillion dollars in stimulus spending. so you think president obama would want to get a budget deal done. that he would want to embrace large spending cuts and lower tax rates in order to stimulate the economy. the stimulus didn't work, obviously. so why not try supply side by putting more money into the hands of american consumers. rich or poor, it doesn't matter.
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consumer spending drives the economy. the only thing talking points can think of is that president obama really doesn't want a budget deal. a debt compromise. that is he hoping the country will blame the republicans for the chaos. and that he will be a reelected on that sentiment. once back in office, the president can continue to grow the government and provide so-called social justice political philosophy. s it's a gamble. i think that's what's going on. the president could have had a deal with 800 billion in new revenue. he said no. he wants 1.2 trillion more from the taxpayers. and the republicans simply aren't going to do it. as an american, i'm angry about this situation. it's totally out of control. there is little leadership coming forth. the entire world is watching america, wondering if we have lost our minds. you can't owe $14.5 trillion and be fighting about spending cuts. that's insane. some on the far left actually want the capitalistic system to collapse. they want a quasisocialistic
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system where the government pays people's bills. president obama buys into that philosophy to a certain extent. and that is driving the economic failure. the u.s.a. prospers when business expands and consumers spend. we all know that. right now the federal government is hindering that with president obama leading the way. most americans are beginning to wise up. when 44% of american voters strongly disapprove of a job a sitting president is doing, that president is in dire trouble, thus the address tonight. and that's the memo. now for the top story, reaction, let's bring in fox news chief political analyst brit hume in washington this evening. so, do you think that mr. obama really wants to solve this debt deal? >> well, i think he would like a big deal, a big agreement that would do two things. one was it would give the appearance, at least, of having made a major inroad.
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raising the debt ceiling and the leverage that provides to the republicans who only control one house of the congress further spending cuts. i think those are his two objectives. he wants the big deal because it would give him something to run on. he will could say look, we have taken major steps to improve our country's fiscal situation. and that will help the economy, he will argue. even if the economy hasn't done much between now and then. i think he wanted a deal. yeah. he wanted it on his terms he wanted a deal. >> here is why i disagree with you: last may, the senate voted on president obama's proposed budget cuts 400 billion over 10 years. that's 40 billion a year. 40 billion a year. that's nothing. that's lunch money for what the government spends. he didn't want any spending cuts. that was just three months ago. so how you can say now that he really wants some kind of
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meaningful deal? he didn't want it in may. why does he want it now? >> because there have been some intervening events, bill, not the least of which was the fact that the economy stalled out and job growth disappeared. >> bill: that was coming in the spring. the indicators in the spring were the same. >> i think there was widespread feeling that the economy was going to do better than the job growth would pick up. when job growth picked um. tax receipts would pick up and the problem would be to some extent remill rated and he would be looking at a more promising situation by the time election day rolled around next year. now the situation looks like it's going to be darn near as grim if not grimmer this time next year and he is and is ago grated in the voter's imaginations by the fact that we have piled up this debt to no appreciable -- so he now can't spend -- if you ask him how to stimulate the economy his answer would be spend more money. but he can't do that he can't pass that.
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so, he is hoping that, perhaps, if he can get some kind of a budget deal. >> bill: he had a deal. he had a deal last week with 800 billion in new revenue and he walks away. that sabotages his own deal. >> well, arguably that's true but you have to remember he has a party to deal with. just as the republican leadership does. he has got members of his own party who. >> bill: what members in the crazy left is the only -- everybody else wants to deal. >> look, you have got -- look, he needs -- look, he needs these people to stand with him or he can't pass any deal that he would -- barbara -- >> bill: you think revenue of 800 billion new revenue, i think it would have passed. >> i think 800 billion might have passed but he would have still been -- i mean, i think what happened bill is he was okay with 800 billion it was not -- it wasn't going to be any increased tax rates. the gang of six came along and they had a larger number than
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that if the gang of six is going to go there, i'm not going to ask for less. he came out and started demanding more. and the house republicans and bill till it all collapsed. >> the whole thing fell apart. it looked like it was a deal or something very cross to a -- close to a deal yesterday. the problem between harry reid and john boehner but that fell apart yesterday afternoon because the president didn't want anything that didn't get his pass him pass the election on spending. >> bill: looks like he is playing politics with this deal. >> you think? >> bill: this is what the speech tonight is going to be. my fellow americans, i have screwed the whole deal up and the economy. my stimulus package didn't work. we are spending more money than any time in the history of the country, and i had a deal that probably would have passed but i sabotaged it because i'm playing politics because i want to get reelected. that's the speech we're going to hear, right, in about an hour?
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my fellow americans, god bless america. >> somehow i think not. >> isn't that the truth or am i misstating the truth? >> arguably that is the truth. that he has not led effectively on this issue. he has come very late to the table. >> he is playing politics with it. >> look, bill, this is a political issue. you can't quite take the politics out of politics. >> bill: no. you can do what's best for the country. that would intrnt deal that was on the table last week. >> you must understand, bill, in the eyes of a liberal law professor and many members of his own party, a budget deal that makes mighty inroads upon social security, medicare, medicaid and the big entitlement drivers of our spending and our debt is not in the country's best interest. they don't like that. they don't want that. >> rather take everybody else over the cliff and have downgrades on the bonds and have people not have confidence in the economy than give up some entitlement situation? >> they believe that there is a way to do that.
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you can do it by making major cuts. >> they haven't done it in two and a half years. how long do we have to wait. >> he has tried. the problem is he can't win on tax increases which he very much wants. at this point, you know, all he can do is try to, you know, ring what few tax increases he can get out of a republican house. >> bill: 44%, hume. 44% of american voters think he is doing a horrible not just bad, horrible. >> and there is a further problem for him, which that it appeared with him out of the picture for a couple of days that progress was being made between the two leaders of both houses of congress over the weekend. and he looked like a potted plant. so no doubt part of what he will try to do tonight is to reemerge as some kind of leader on this issue and which, as you suggest, many people think he manifestly has not led. >> bill: brit hume, everybody on the run down media playing up the christian angle in the awful
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norwegian attack. why is the media doing that? we will tell you why in a moment. [ man ] they said i couldn't win a fight. but i did. they said i couldn't fight above my weight class. but i did. they said i couldn't get elected to congress. but i did. ♪ smetimes when we touch ha ha! millions of hits! [ male announc ] flick, stack, and move between active apps seamlessly.
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e. >> bill: impact segment tonight, mass murder in norway. a vicious killer anders breivik has murdered at least 76 people in the scandinavian nation of norway. breivik is a brutal fanatic to objects to the presence of muslims in europe. last friday he bombed buildings in oslo and then took an automatic weapon to an island a few miles away gunning down 68 people. norwegian authorities couldn't get to the island because they didn't have a helicopter. if you can believe it. now, on sunday, the "new york times" headlined as horrors emerged, norway charges christian extremist. a number of other news organizations like the "l.a. times" and reuters played up the christian angle. breivik is not a christian. that's impossible. no one believing in jesus
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commits mass murder. the man might have called himself a christian on the net. is he certainly not of that faith. also breivik is not attached to any church and in fact has criticized the protestant belief system in general. the christian angle came from a policeman not from fact finding we can find no evidence, none that this killer practiced christianity in any way. so why is the angle being played up? two reasons. first, the liberal media wants to make an equivalency between the actions of breivik and the oklahoma city bomber tim mcveigh and al qaeda. the left wants you to believe that fundamentalists christians are a threat just like crazy jihadists are. in fact in the "new york times" today an analysis says that some believe we have overreacted to the muslim threat in the world. of course, that's absurd. jihadists have killed tens of
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thousands of people all over the world. taliban, elements in pakistan use governmental power to support terrorism by muslims. left wing press wants to compare nuts like breivik and mcvey to state sponsored terrorism and worldwide jihad. again, dishonest and insane. the second reason the ricial media is pushing the christian angle is they don't like christians very much because we are too judgmental. many christians oppose abortion. gay marriage, and legalized narcotics. secular left causes. the media understands the often based on religion. they want to diminish christianity and highlighting so-called christian-based terror is a way to do that. the primary threat to this world comes from islamic terrorism. iran is a major problem. if the country gets nuclear
5:17 pm
weapons and it's desperately frying to. does anyone doubt those weapons would be used. a muslim in pakistan exported nuclear technology to north korea. and muslim suicide bombers below innocent people up almost every day. yet, once again the liberal media wants you to fear christian terrorists going forward when jihad is mentioned, you know breivik and mcvey will enter the conversation. sometimes i think the world is going mad. this breivik guy is a luann, mass murderers who acted out of rank hatred. no government supported him. no self-proclaimed terror group like al qaeda paid his bills. by murdering innocent people. there is no equivalency to jihad. no worldwide breivik movement. just another violent pathetic
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legacy stemming back to cain. in a moment, we will discuss why the left-wing media continues to report on terrorism in this manner because islam is anything liberal. the mayor of chicago it going off on a reporter in a very personal way. coming right back. [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people are switching from tylenol to advil. here's one story. [ george ] my name is george. i switched to advil six months ago.
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>> bill: continuing now with the impact segment, let's bring in fox news analyst mary katharine ham and alyssia menendez in for juan williams tonight. he will join us in a moment to talk about his new book on npr. ladies are in washington this evening. were you offended by the "new york times" highlighting the word christian in its headline? mary katharine. >> yeah. look. i think it's a problem. first of all i'm a political animal but i try very hard in these instances not to immediately jump on a hobby horse and figure out where i can ride it immediately in the aftermath of a strategy like this. i think a lot of other people would do good to do that as well. the "new york times" many liberal activists, certainly desperately want an analog to extremist islam pat themselves on the back for being equal and making this equivalence. you know what? a lot of times the term use in order guy and if you read his writings it's certainly not mainstream fundamentalism. he talks about payingism as with many crazy people it goes down a
5:23 pm
rabbit hole. they have been referring to him as christian fundamentalists referring to the dug garrs in arkansas christian fundamentalists. is it having lots of children that makes a crazy threat or killing lots of children? it's insane. >> we can find alyssia no evidence that this man practice the christianity at all. anywhere at any time, wasn't associated with any church as far as we know. okay? didn't carry a bible around. no educational background in that regard. totally secular guy. but now he is a christian terrorist. so i think this is patently dishonest. >> and when you go back and you look for the original source, it's based on an a.p. article whereas you said one police officer speculating that he spent time on these christian sites. i as a christian find it a little dishonest and erroneous. unproductive. to me looks like lazy reporting. >> bill: no. no. the reporter didn't write that
5:24 pm
ed line. the editors wrote the headline. it's page 1. that's the big kahuna. that's the big kahuna. this is above the fold, banner headline, throw it up there again. the reporter had nothing to do with this. this was we sit down. we decide. wait, alicia, i want everybody to know how this works. the editors of the "new york times" sit down. they have decide what their lead story is going to be and what their above the fold headline is going to be. then they put it there. the reporter has nothing to do with it, okay? this was an intentional, without a doubt, intentional brand of a mass murderer as a christian. it is appalling. this is a serious situation, ladies. this isn't mistake or sloppiness or laziness. this is appalling. go ahead. alicia? >> i think that we can agree
5:25 pm
that it's appalling but we can also agree that there is another narrative going on here which is that this man was clearly very radical in his beliefs. this is not him just r rmly opening fire. >> bill: that's a political situation, which is different. >> my point bill is that that to me is the greater crime here. that in trying, in using the term christian they buried what was the real lead which was that he was radical in his political beliefs. >> bill: this guy was anti-muslim bigot. that's what he was. that's what the record shows. all of his rantings and ravens on the net comes back to the fact, mary catherine, that he didn't like the muslim intrusion into norway and into europe. that's what drove him. not jesus. not being baptized. nothing to do with that. yet. yet. it was distorted. go ahead. >> right. alyssia is correct that there are political and cultural implications here.
5:26 pm
as far as the actual groups who would have supported say, like pro-is asimulation policies and that kind of thing. they actually kept him out of their group. so they were not connected in any way. >> bill: there isn't a christian group on earth who would embrace this man. no one. >> about the "new york times" and whether these things are intentional. you do have to look at the record here. and when the left and the media were so blazingly spectacularly and i think many times intentionally wrong many times about jared laughner all they want to do is pin that on the tea party. been the narrative for three years and they keep doing it. >> bill: doesn't go back just muslims. goes back to me on "the view." >> bill, we have the "the washington post," we have the "wall street journal." also assuming that this was a jihadist before they had all of the facts. so i think you have wrongdoing on both sides. >> that's their fault. they didn't banner it after thought and sitting down. they just took the initial reports that are always erroneous. shouldn't have done it that's sloppy and lazy. that's what that is this sin
5:27 pm
tenel. people should know. americans of all faiths, muslim, jewish, catholic, whatever you should know that this is a movement in the american media to diminish and marginalize the christian philosophy. mary katharine, give you the last word. go. >> well, i mean, i think it's clear that like a lot of this is intentional. it's been going on three years. sort of a crap shoot. they lay down this narrative every time there is a psycho out there and ends up being the case. this one case he had some sort of right leaning ideas. i think folks made mistakes. stop doing that in the future and talking to many people on the left would be great. nail this on our convenient political enemy. >> bill: all right, ladies. thanks very much. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. juan williams has a book on his muslim ordeal with npr. he will be here. bernie goldberg on rahm emanuel scolding a reporter for asking him a question he didn't like.
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we ask you to stay tuned for those reports. ♪
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a. >> bill: personal story seeing: juan williams was fired by npr saying he got a bit tentative when people in muslim garb got on a plane with him. after he got sacked i said this. >> this is good for you. >> what? >> this is good for you. big contract to write about what you can and can't say in america. you are a good writer and going to do that. of course i'm an oracle. new book called muzzled just
5:32 pm
out. assault on debate. he joins us now. >> i mean, come on. i am carcarknack seer of the future here you are with this dopey book. >> let me tell you something. at the time i was so emotionally screwed up because i was hurt and had you a sense of the puls of the folks. you knew exactly the publishers, knowing that the public wants to hear the inside deal. and then what happened was i went outside, talked to people. everybody says, you know what? i have similar feelings. similar anxieties when i'm getting on a plane and i see people in muslim garb after 9/11. i don't know why you can't say that then they start saying you know what? in this country there is a lot of things you are not supposed to say anymore. >> bill: you just haired the debate that we had not much of a debate report we had on the "new york times" using the word in the banner christian. this muslim thing, that's why it's done. it's done to, i gets, give jihadists quarter or something like that, diminish the threat
5:33 pm
of them, i don't know. i have never really understood why the liberal media is so protective of extreme islam when it has nothing -- it hates the left. extreme islam would actually execute these people. the "new york times" would all be hung. >> they would be dead. talk about intolerance of rights of women and minorities. not just racial minorities anybody who is not a muslim. >> bill: extreme not regular muslim. >> right. >> bill: why are they so rabidly protective of them to the extent that they would diminish the christians in this norway thing? >> not only that they would shut you up. they would label you as a bad guy for saying you know what? there are extremists in the muslim community who pose a worldwide threat. i think you personally know the story. >> bill: sure, "the view."
5:34 pm
and that unfortunately affects all muslims because people are weary about it. >> correct. people say we express sympathy for some of the political goals but, wait a second, you have to be clear, are they also then expressing sympathy for terrorists means of achieving those political goals? that's important. and, again, you have to say, yeah, okay, we're talking about extreme radical muslims. >> you don't have to say that every two seconds. >> the idea that radical islam poses a worldwide threat. >> bill: juan and i are talking we have a crawl only talking about radical islamist? >> they are going to shut me up again? >> bill: one of the things i enjoyed reading in your book is that when you got sacked or even before that in conversations with the npr brass, they were actually accusing you of legittizing me by being on my show. >> which is the whackiest thing i ever heard in my life. that i make bill o'reilly's show why do you go over there face
5:35 pm
bill o'reilly. we have points of disagreement. we go at it. >> what's our beef. why shouldn't my program be on the air? why shouldn't it be on the air? i guess they don't like you. >> would never have got an show ever. >> they don't like me. >> bill: how can people say to you we are npr all things considered. but we don't want and it did not mean it was hannity, too. >> remember. before that supposed to work for npr when i came on your show. >> bill: anything to do with fnc you were actually helping the devil. they think we are the devil. >> correct. i was legitimizing the devil. the obama white house at one point was going after fox and saying fox is not legitimate news organization. >> bill: they went after me. >> get, this npr at the same time is saying why do you have anything to do with fox? >> bill: these are supposed to be objective journalists, right? you work for. they are journalists?
5:36 pm
>> they are journalists who should be objective. let me tell you something that's even more painful is, they are supposed to be, if they are so liberal. they are supposed to be toler tolerant >> say things like, juan, tell me where i'm wrong. bill o'reilly tells me go ahead and tell me where i'm wrong chance to do it. no. why are you even there with bill o'reilly. this is what the book is about. >> bill: don't want the debate. want a totalitarian lef wing deal. at's what they want. i want to also talk to you but i dot have time tonightbout why there are s few african-americans at npr. bring you back next week and we will do that. >> i would be delighted. >> bill: the book is muzzled assault on honest debate: when we come rig back bernie goldberg on the mayor of chicago
5:37 pm
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. bill o'reilly in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight. mayor of chicago rahm emanuel trying to reform the public school system in that city. sends his own kids to a private school the same one the obama children went to. that prompted this exchange with reporter marianne ahorn. >> let me barack the news to you, my children are not in a public position. the mayor is. and as long as i'm --
5:41 pm
>> -- you don't anybody knows where they go to school? >> no. i think you will do that let me -- you are asking me a values statement not a policy. no, no. you have to appreciate this. my children are not an instrument of me being mayor. my children are my children. >> i have so many more questions. >> i look forward to our future interview. >> please? >> i'm done. >> that's all we have today. i'm done. >> bill: he walks out of the interview. joining us now from north carolina with analysis the purveyor of bernard is that a legitimate question when your public policy wants to spend a lot of time reforming a public schools but sends his kids to private school is that legitimate? >> absolutely 100% legitimate. look, there are certain things involving children of politicians that are clearly out of bounds. if the kid is in therapy. if the kids have a medical condition.
5:42 pm
his grades in school, who he is dating. none of this is the public's business. but, rahm emanuel is hiding. and he is not the only politician to do this. but he is hiding behind his children. that's really lame. >> bill: why though? >> i'm going to tell you why. here's why in a simple two sentences. because here's a sensitive liberal progressive democrat and he knows that it doesn't look good. that's the key phrase, it doesn't look good for such a politician, sensitive, liberal, democrat, progressive, all of that, to send his kids to the she she private school while everybody else is going to crummy public schools. he has every right, every right to send his kids to a private school. i would do the same thing but that reporter had every right to ask that question because it isn't about his children at all. it's about him, the mayor of chicago. he will make policies that
5:43 pm
effect other people's kids but not his own. >> bill: okay. >> that's okay. but you have a right to ask him about it. >> bill: chris christie on the totally opposite spectrum politically was asked a similar question. roll the tape. >> you don't send your children to public schools. you send them to private schools so i was wondering why you think it's fair to be cutting school funding to public schools. >> it's none of your business. i don't ask you where you send your kids to school. don't bother me about where i send mine. >> bill: same situation or different? >> exact same situation. i want to give my bias upfront. i'm a big fan, a very big fan of chris christie. but he was dead wrong in my opinion in that situation when he got huffy with that voter. this wasn't about chris christie's children. this was about chris christie the governor of new jersey. he is -- first of all, he has the right to send his kids to catholic school, no problem. he even has a right, probably an
5:44 pm
obligation, to make budget cuts, even those involving public schools. i have no problem with that. but here's a woman asking a legitimate question. and that is you are sending your kids to a private school, catholic school, but your decisions are affecting my kids and other kids that go to public schools. how do you reconcile that? it's -- as i say, i'm a huge fan of chris christie but in this case i think he was dead wrong. >> bill: okay. you have been watching the mainstream media and i guess fox news is part of the mainstream media now. over the debt debate have. they covered they in a general term, network news primarily, covered it fairly? >> well, let me focus the question to one very particular area. the use of the term default. president obama has said that we can't have a default in this
5:45 pm
country. timothy geithner the treasury secretary said a default is unthinkable. chuck schumer as recently as this afternoon, i believe, said that a default would be catastrophic. it would be catastrophic, by the way. but here's what they don't tell you. there is zero chance. and i mean zero chance that we have a default. no chance at all. a default is when you don't pay your lenders, the bond holders. there is more than enough money coming in each month in taxes to pay off the bond holders. so there will be no default. i understand why the president and the secretary of the treasury and chuck schumer all liberal democrats, i understand why they do this. to scare people and try to get a better deal out of republicans. i get it. it's called politics. but when journalists, especially anchors. this is really disturbing. on broadcast networks on cable
5:46 pm
go auto long with it. plenty of people in particular. i will tell you this over the last 24 hours. i must have heard the term looming default possibility 10,000 times. some of these anchors, some of them are merely stenographers for president obama. i understand that they are on his side. he says something that he surely knows isn't true and they repeat it but i don't think the main issues is ideological. i think a lot of reporters and a lot of anchors are abysmally ignorant when it comes to economics and finances. i expect nothing from politicians. i understand how they play the game. but, man, we deserve more from journalists than we have been getting on this. there will be no default. no default. >> bill: your point though is that there is a tremendous amount of sympathy for barack obama in the establishment media in this country. >> no question.
5:47 pm
absolutely. >> bill: there is not going to be -- and just real quick the "new york times" headline trumpeting the christian connection to this norwegian loon? >> i think you had an interesting discussion. real quick, this is the same mainstream media that when a muslim, a fanatic goes into an army base, a major, and shoots up the place, yelling alley akbar before he kills, i think 13 people or wounds like 39, whatever the numbers are. they are hesitant to tie that to his religion. >> bill: right. and also in the london bombings. it wasn't muslim extremists, it was homegrown. >> right. i mean, i know it isn't funny because a lot of people are dead. >> bill: it's sad funny. sad funny. >> it's what have you called in the past, bill, it goes beyond bias. it goes to the corruption of the so-called mainstream media. >> bill: no doubt about it. thanks as always. coming up next, captain america sweeping the world with pro u.s.a. heroics.
5:48 pm
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>> bill: pinheads and patriots in a moment starring captain america but, first, as you may know, we do a daily after the factor analysis called the no spin news on bill o' tonight, i will tell you the inside story about my back and forth laura ingraham over the debt debacle last week pretty interesting story. and another reason why we would like you to become a premium member on bill o' if you do, sign up, we'll send you absolutely free of charge the navy seals 1 bin laden 0
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t-shirt. 30,000 of these ron the streets of america and all over the world. we hope you get yours. you will like it. you will like the premium membership. now the mail. there are loons of all stripes, justin, the debate is complicated people can disagree. if i see lunancy, i will pinpoint it. bernie key west, florida. that's not what the polls say, michigan shell. >> bill: that's what i'm getting into on the no spin news
5:53 pm
tonight, clive. i hope you can hear it here is a brief preview. the problem with a program like this is that sometimes a guest will misstate my opinion or misstate the facts, barney frank did that when it happens, i have to correct the record instantly, which leads to cross talk. and i hate that. remember, we're a fast paced program that sometimes gets a bit raucous. >> bill: is there a breathalyzer for that? >> bill: going liberal? [ laughter ]
5:54 pm
>> bill: well, that's very kind of you, phil, let's see how the first bolder fresher tour goes on. i would love san diego and love to get out there. details on long island deal on bill o' finally tonight pinheads and patriots new movie captain america outgrossed harry potter pulling in $65 million here in the u.s.a. alone. the thing about captain america is it makes the u.s.a. look good. >> our goal is to create new breeds of super soldiers. ♪ ♪ >> what makes you so special? >> nothing. i'm just a kid from brooklyn. ♪ ♪ >> bill: wow, there is a lot of dialogue there. while many movies denigrate america. captain puts us in a good light
5:55 pm
therefore is he a patriot. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor web site bill o' spout out about the factor anywhere in the world o'reilly at word of the day. word of the day do not be a blew ther when writing to the factor. thanks for watching out tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. remember the spins stops here. now, get down to bret baier in washington with a preview of the president's season. >> bret: thanks bill. you are looking at a live shot of the white house in the nation's capital. the real sheet is on president obama and congress, as the debt ceiling deadline looms a little more than a week away. good evening, i'm bret baier in washington. we are five minutes away from the address on the national debt. what the treasury secretary says is an august 2nd, deadline to avoid financial collapse. tonight there are two plans many one from harry reid and one from john boehner.
5:56 pm
neither contains tax increases. or as they are often called in washington, revenue increases. something president obama has been pushing for. tonight the president is expected to urge democrats and republicans to come to some sort of compromise that he can sign. following remarks we will get the republican response from john boehner. now thoughts about what to expect tonight. joining me, steve hayes. abby stoddard and charles krauthammer. charles? >> i think this is an attempt of the president to deal back into the game. he dominated the whole discussion and all the arguments and negotiations until friday night. when the talks broke down i think obama thought he the upper hand. then i think he made a mistake. he thinks he made a mistake, when he came out after the break and he gave an address in the press briefing room in the white house which i taught
5:57 pm
was rather irritable, accusatory and i am peer russ. as a result, he didn't -- he didn't help himself. the speaker responded smartly. he decided to cut the president out after the meeting saturday. he said we will do this in congress. he's been meeting with his counterparts in the senate. we now have a boehner plan and a reid plan. no obama plan. he's going to tell us tonight, if and what it is? >> senator reid and speaker boehner are counting heads in each chamber about how many votes they have. now will the president try to affect that? >> president came out and endorsed the reid plan already. the fact of the matter is, the reid plan and the boehner plan would also likely get us downgraded from our aaa bond rating. one presents a long term plan to deal with our debt crisis.
5:58 pm
they make cuts in different ways. they don't raise taxes. but i think you going to see the president do two things. as charles notes reinsert himself into the debate. he is going to talk a lot about default and what it will do to rock the economy. then i think about the grand bargain. i think he's going to push the large plan. i think he's sorry he pushed for an extra 400 billion in revenue last week. i think he's going to call the parties back to the table for a grand bargain. >> bret: steve? >> this primetime televised address is as much about his reelection as the crisis. what he is likely to do is much of his time talking about how what seen in washington over the past month is setting the stage for what we will likely see over the next 17 months until november of 2012. what the president needs more than anything is an argument on the economy. he has none. the stimulus hasn't worked. everything they've tried
5:59 pm
hasn't worked. we've seenb;ó the economy tick back down. looks like it is turning down further. gdp numbers out friday not likely to be a pretty picture. the president wants to be able to say the republicans played games with our economy on debt ceiling. here's what they did and here are the consequences. >> bret: what republicans say when you talk about how far he would like a debt ceiling increase to go,vbm all numbers e talks about the months, are just to get past the election. they say that is proof that it is a political exercise here. however, they are saying the democrats are saying, they need to raise it now and republicans are holding this hostage. >> yeah, i think the republicans have a good argument. if you look most of the debt ceiling increases have been for less than a year, i think 75% or something. so the republicans have a good argument. you heard geithner say yesterday that this needs to go through the election. you her the president say that
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